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Musubi Tenchi Aikido means Harmony of heaven and Earth School of Aikido


Journey Beyond Thought

Started at the young age as a child was introduced to Moo do Kwan Tang So Doo by my late Guardian (Stepfather) Mr. Ben B Pregil who was a practitioner of the said Art who studied under Grandmaster Chingi Grandeza in Davao.Tatay Ben also emphasized the use of sticks commonly known as Arnis.He always emphasized the basics of Dose Pares and Espada Y Daga or the art of the stick and a knife. Arnis was handed to *Tatay (Father) Ben by his father *" Lolo Doming"Pregil, bullying during those years was common and for the oldest among the four all of us was taught the basic Foundation of Martial Arts. My three brothers are Domingo, Vincent and Victor and the first two I mentioned attained the black belt in Hiraken Tang So Doo under Master George Gargalicano in later years while our youngest Victor was more on Academic rather than the three of us who were involved in martial Arts.

Financial reasons also one of the reasons why I could not go to formal School to study Martial Arts. Most of my training during those years is self-taught supervised by Tatay Ben and often I will go to different local teachers of our town and asked them to teach me Arnis and other weapons. I remember one of my teachers specialized in Nunchaku and taught me the basics and foundation of Nunchaku.Those local teachers also employed joint manipulation and throwing techniques but as a young child did not even remember the names of those techniques. I always eagerly asked them where did they learned their techniques and told me that it was handed to them by their ancestors from generation to generations. I also met a man during my High School years remembering teaching me various body techniques and joint manipulations. He was a Healer by profession and taught me my first lesson in spiritual meditation consists of prayers and invocation.

Also Studied Kung Fu Under Dennis Jetonso during my High School Years. During this time, I learned Tai Chi Chuan and Five Animal Fighting. This also the time when I involved myself in Full Contact Sparring and Interclub with different Karate School. I also love and supplemented my training by reading books. Books from Masutatsu Oyama founder of KyukushinKarate, Master Leung Fu, a teacher of Atado system in Kung Fu and Bruce Lee.

In 1989, first movie of Steven Seagal Above the Law first time to see the practical application of Aikido

1989-1993-Mostly self-training in my martial arts career. Graduated in Bachelors in Science in Nursing.

1994- Volunteer Nurse in various Institutions for the whole year. This is the year that my Mom *Nanay (Mother) Linda suffered of Renal Failure and died, and this is the start the desire to learn Alternative Medicine or Healing. Met Dr. Leonilo Del Carmen in Corazon Locsin Montelibano Regional Hospital and was to introduce to Sensei Max Maun, who is the teacher/founder of Bacolod Aikido Enthusiasts. The journey in Aikido started within these two great teachers.

Sensei Max Maun founder and Head Instructor of Bacolod Aikido Enthusiasts was a Great Man.His way of Aikido is practical and precise. We remember clearly together with my core group when we try to attack him it seems that we were attempting to attack a huge tree trunk because as also a Judo Practitioner his built was solid stout and with a big wrist can hardly grab him and with his tremendous power of the hip maybe in addition to his judo skill effortlessly throw us in the air. We were stubborn, young, and ambitious during those times and regarded as the rougher side of the group. Pain, hardships, effort and

Determinations were the keys for those we called the Golden days of our Aikido training. Sensei Max also a practitioner of Arnis and loves to employ in our training.

Sensei Leonilo Del Carmen is a practitioner of Shin Shin Toitsu Aikido By Tohei Sensei and studied under Sensei Max Tian in Cebu Ki Society. Fluid and powerful movement has always been seen as his style. The powerful hips as well and we always regard it as like a whirlwind "Kokyu "breath power that he always emphasized. He always states use the power of the hips and hardly understanding the principles behind instead I always use the power of my arms rather than the hip in contrast to what he always emphasized. I just realized it after 15 years of training. He also introduced the principles of Ki Meditation and Kiatsu in practice. Mind, and Body Coordination is the core of this style.

Later, due to increasing number of students and the Dojo was owned privately and with time, space involved we decided to form a new group "Bacolod Musubi Aikido. Founded and headed by Dr. Leonilo Del Carmen. It was a group of young, very passionate practitioner unlimited and bound to practice Aikido 24/7.

Early in 1996 Dr. Leonilo Del Carmen Sensei was relocated to April Zamboanga Del Sur hired as a Physician, Nursing hiring in the US was held at that time, decided to go with him to the next 4- 5 years became a live in student serving as the senior student, uke and Assistant Instructor for the Ipil Musubi Aikido. Formed the Ipil Martial Arts Association consists of various clubs of Karate, Kickboxing and Muay Thai and Presided by Master Alabata (9th Dan) Puma Sikadsu.Bacolod Musubi Aikido during this time left in Bacolod was headed by Mr. Bryan Baylon, most senior student of Bacolod Musubi Aikido assisted by other senior practitioners. This time also I Incorporated Universal Healing Tao to my practice consisting of Opening, detoxification and unifying vital organs for the good flow of Chi or Ki or Energy. It includes Qigong movement and meditation and other healing techniques for rejuvenation and longevity.

1999-2001-relocated back to Bacolod City Philippines served as one of the senior instructors of Bacolod Musubi Aikido

1999-Promoted to Nidan (2nd Dan Black belt) By Dr. Leonilo Del Carmen Sensei, Founder and Teacher of

Bacolod Musubi Aikido

2001-Migrated to . Supplemented my training from 2001-2003 and enrolled in Gold Coast Aikido under Dumlao a member of United States Aikido Federation by Yoshimitsu Yamada Sensei. Also studied Iaido with same during this time.

2004-Met Sensei Angulo of Tenshin Aikido, who was a student of Steven Seagal Shihan in Miami and trained once and was given the privilege to teach Aikido.

2004-Present-Currently residing in West Palm Beach and currently on self-training and attending Seminars especiallyIwama style of Aikido from Morihiro Saito Sensei top students to integrate the Bukiwaza (Aiki Ken and Aikido) and also their Taijutsu techniques in my training.

2009-Promoted to Sandan (3rd Dan Black Belt) by Dr. Leonilo Del Carmen Founder and Teacher of Bacolod Musubi Aikido

2011-Attended Seminar By Hitohiro Saito Sensei Of Iwama AikiShurenkai in Fort Lauderdale, Florida USA

2012-Attended Seminar by Hans Goto Sensei a member of Takemusu Aikido Association held in Aikido of Sarasota, Florida USA

2012-Promoted to Yondan (4th Dan Black Belt) by Dr. Leonilo Del Carmen, and Teacher of Bacolod Musubi Aikido

2012--Attended Seminar with Hans Goto Sensei in Aikido of Fredericksburg hosted by Aviv Goldsmith Sensei

And had been accepted as a member of Takemusu Aikido Association, a group of practitioner of Iwama Style of Aikido and was awarded pending Nidan Rank for affiliation tasks and membership duties.

2013-Attended Seminar with Ginny Breeland Sensei, 5th Dan, Iwama Aikido in Aikido of Sarasota, Florida

Career: Working as an Emergency Room Nurse in JFK Medical Center and VA Medical Center both In ER.

Education: Bachelor of Science in Nursing

Martial Arts Background: Almost 30 years in Martial Arts studied various arts such as Karate, Kung FU, Arnis and other weapons, Tai Chi, Qigong and a practitioner of Universal Tao System by Master Mantak Chia, Ki

Meditation. Kiatsu, Pranic Healing and Acupressure.18 years in Aikido and currently a 4th Dan Black Belt under the lineage of Koichi Tohei Sensei and under the tutelage of Dr Leonilo Del Carmen Sensei, Founder and Teacher of Bacolod Musubi Aikido and also employing Iaido in practice.

Interests: Zen, Buddhist and Taoist Meditation and practice.

Conclusion: My young knowledge in Aikido will continue to evolve, to share with everybody with the open mind and spirit. Everyday training is the key to Master the basics and continues to develop the knowledge and

Wisdom acquired from my previous teachers till present, to continue to integrate into self-daily training and my present teacher now that is the Universe.Morihei Ueshiba or the Great

said that teachers only teach the fraction of what they learn, and it is the individual’s responsibility to train daily and discover the beautiful essence of the Art.Secure Basics, stable and solid

Posture with the Universal Mind is the key to our success in Aikido.


Have 29-30 years of Martial arts experience. Had studied Karate, Kung Fu, and Filipino Martial Arts. Aikido for 18 years. Also a practitioner of Universal Healing Tao System, Taoist Qigong, Kiatsu, Pranic Healing, Acupressure. Studied under Sensei Max Maun, founder and teacher of Bacolod Aikido Enthusiasts and with Dr. Leonilo Del Carmen Sensei teacher and founder of Bacolod Musubi Aikido. Also studied with

Weewow Dumlao Sensei of Gold Coast Aikido a member of United States Aikido Federation. Employs Iaido in training and integration of Iwama Style of Aikido weapons and body techniques.

of Aikido training and practice is to have a practical and solid basics and the use of Aikido weapons (Bukiwaza) in relation to body techniques (Taijutsu). Focusing on Mind and Body Coordination

. Integrate the Principles of healing methods from Universal Tao system and other Healing Arts. The development of Mind, Body, and Spirit as the ultimate goal of our training.

Cesar P Penaranda Jr

Bacolod Aikido Enthusiasts-Former student

Yondan -Bacolod Musubi Aikido -Philippines (Shin Shin Toitsu Aikido)

Nidan-- Takemusu Aikido Association, Aikikai (Iwama Style)

Musubi Tenchi Aikido Of Palm Beach---Dojo-Cho

Affiliation: Takemusu Aikido Association