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Musubi Tenchi Aikido means Harmony of heaven and Earth School of Aikido

About Us

Musubi Tenchi Aikido Of Palm Beach means harmony of heaven and Earth School of Aikido.A member of Takemusu Aikido Association,a school founded by Cesar P Penaranda Jr, Sensei, a 4th dan black belt(Yondan) promoted in 2012 by Dr Leonilo Sensei,Founder of Bacolod Musubi Aikido under the Lineage of Koichi Tohei Sensei of Shin Shin Toitsu Aikido and recognized by Max Maun,Sensei, founder of Bacolod Aikido Enthusiasts.

A school that teaches the integration of different insights and principles from other style of Aikido and the fusion into one concrete system.A blending of wisdom and knowledge in terms of physical and technical aspect of the art,Mental openness and adaptability for constant change and evolution of the art maintaining the principles and the tradional style, and the infinite quests for Spiritual development .

Musubi Tenchi Aikido curriculum teaches and believe for the natural evolution in training.The physical and the technical which students will learn the Taijutsu techniques or open hand techniques,integration of weapon training or Bukiwaza adapted from Iwama style .The Mental aspect which focusses on meditation,relaxation,perception and projection and understanding the essence and principles of Aikido thru continous training and research and the aim for Spiritual aspect of the art as stated by the founder Morehei Ueshiba ,"O Sensei" or Great Teacher.Students will also learn art of healing thru opening , and tonifying techniques derived from Universal Tao System incoporated with different healing techniques for health and rejuvenation.

Cesar P.Penaranda Jr

Nidan (2nd Dan Black Belt)-Takemusu Aikido Association,Aikikai(Iwama Style)

Yondan(4th Degree Black Belt)--Shin Shin Toitsu Aikido

Musubi Tenchi Aikido Of Palm Beach-Dojo-Cho


East West Okinawan Karate and Higashi Dojo

  • Located at 125 Hypoluxo Road Suite C ,Hypoluxo ,Florida 33462


Mondays-11:00 AM -1:00 PM-

Fridays-6:30 P.M-7:30 P.M-Aikido Basics

               7:30-8:30-Taijutsu(Open Hand Techniques)

               8:30-9:30-Bukiwaza (Weapons class)

Classes are subject to change depending on number of students .

Classes are held with Ki and basics of Taoists Qigong from every beginning of the class(Sensei's discretion)

The prices below were from our old Location and will be subject for changes

Training fee: Initial Registration-- $169 -Includes Aikido Gi(Uniform) subject to change

                                                       $289-Includes Gi and Master Quality Jo and Bokken with

                                                               Bag subject to change

              $99 per Month

              $80 for students

              50% for family package for 2nd member of the family & the succeeding members

Per Session fee :

Visiting Practitioner-$15.00 per session (non students)

                 $10.00 per session (students)

Weapons price-- Master Quality Bokken-$70.00

              Master Quality Jo---$60.00

              Master Quality Aikido Bokken and Jo Set with bag---$139

Any question and concern please call or us @ 305-766-9766